Mud-Slinging Kiddos and Pups


I look up just in time to see a red flash dart through the kitchen and out into the backyard. I am pretty sure that red flash is a kid up to no good.  I was right.  I walk out into backyard and find Jason and Troy in their red bathing suits.  It is 65° degrees outside, and they want to play in the hose.  I informed them that it is a bad idea because it is too cold outside, suffer through the inevitable moans and groans and pleas, and then I head back inside.  Five minutes later, Jason and Troy walk into the house covered – and I mean covered – in mud.

Mud-covered Troy

Me:  “What do you think you are doing?”

Them:  “Going into the bathroom to wash off.”

Me:  “No way!  You march right back outside and…”

I pause.  Brilliant.  I am now about to march them out into the backyard and squirt them with a hose.  Punks.

I give in and send them out to play in the hose.  I figured they would be cold in about 3 minutes.  I was right.  The first one in was Derek.

I go get a towel and strip him down to his undies.  I then go in and find his clothes.  At this time the others came in, only now they are wet AND muddy.  I hand them the towel, and go get them something to wear as well.

So all three boys are in the garage, drying off and getting dressed.  Right?  Ha!  I happened to glance outside the front yard, and I see Derek running around in his undies, Jason chasing him in his bathing suit and covered in watered-down mud.  I run out, grab them and pull them inside, hoping to not have to claim the naked, muddy children to anyone in the neighborhood.

It doesn’t bother me that the kids play in the mud and get dirty.  They are boys and they are kids.  Mud washes off (except when it is on my kitchen floor.  It seems to stay there permanently).  I just wish they didn’t have to streak the neighborhood after they are done.

The puppies' hideout during the hose excursion. Smart!

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One thought on “Mud-Slinging

  1. Katie Kalpin

    That’s boy’s for ya. Always a mess. They don’t change when they get older either..nooo it get’s worse. :D Men are greasy messes…nope no changes…thank God you have at least ONE girl! :)

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