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The Tortures of Grounding

After a neighbor comes to my house and tells me about some infractions by my three boys, I had to determine an acceptable punishment.  Many forms of torture came to mind for a while, water-boarding, tar-and-feathering, but eventually, I decided on grounding.  They have all been grounded for a few hours to a full day from their TV, computer, and X-Box, and that was hard for them, so I decided this time they would be grounded for 3 days.  For my 6, 5, and 3 year-old, that is a long time.  Not only do they lose their electronic gadgets, but they can’t ride bikes, no candy or sweets, and we are not going to anywhere fun, like the park. They can play in the back yard or their room, and that is it.

We are on day two of the grounding, and I am not sure who is suffering more, me or them! I am constantly chasing them outside, breaking up fights and arguments, and listening to

Make that 4 times...

cries of boredom.  Derek has found that getting stuck up in a dead tree is a great way to pass the time.  He has done it three times!  I have built a chore chart for them to follow, and they are doing their chores.  This is good, but doesn’t last very long.  We also do yard work together, which is hard for all involved.  Playing outside is a good thing, but when they run out of stuff to do in the back yard, their boredom reminds me why the TV, computer, and X-Box are such great inventions!

I am thinking there has to be a better way to punish these kids.  Does their punishment have to be as hard on me as it is on them?  I am not the most creative person in the world. Does anyone have a better idea?  What works for you?  Help me…I am tempted to let them off the hook early, but I am trying not to.

To add fun and controversy, what are your thoughts on spanking?  I will be honest.  All

Is this OK?

three boys have a a few spanks in their life.  If you feel spanking is appropriate, when?  If you don’t, why not?  Are people who spank bad parents?  My answer to that last one is no, but, as you may come to find out in the coming weeks and months, I can spur some controversy.




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