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Those Nights With Fevers

Poor Ash.  Last night she went to bed with a 101.8 degree fever.  Nothing serious, but you know she felt terrible.  I gave her some Motrin, and it seemed to do the trick.  This morning, while she woke up late, she was still our typical, bubbly,  little girl.  She was torturing puppies, handing Daddy everything she could get her hands on, and chasing her brothers all over the place.  I figured she just caught a mild form of the cold the rest of us had dealt with over the last two weeks.  Now I am not so sure.

When she woke up from her nap at 4pm, she felt warm and was acting sick.  She was wandering around aimlessly, holding her blanket (she calls it her nigh-nigh), and occasionally laying down on the floor in a little ball.  Again I gave her some Motrin and figured all would be well.  I even took her outside with me and the boys and let her play with the pups and her brothers while I planted the garden in the front yard.  Since she is my fourth, panic does not come easy.  I have been down this road many times before.  I could tell she wasn’t feeling well, but not as sick as she turned out to be.  After we came in and ordered pizza for dinner, I picked her up.  She had been wandering around the house with her nigh-nigh, moaning non-stop.  (She should win an Oscar for all her dramatizations…she is the ultimate drama queen!)  As I situated her onto my lap, I felt her skin and it was burning.  Not just really warm, but burning!  I took her temperature (she hated that with a passion).  It was now 103.2 degrees, and this is with the Motrin.  I just held her and rocked her until the pizza came.  I tried to get her to eat some pizza, but she just tossed it at me and Troy and promptly fell asleep on her tray.  I didn’t press.

After dinner, I checked her again (to her utter dismay) and now her temp. was up to 104.0 degrees.   I took her in to take a luke-warm bath – let me just say here that this bath thing seems more like cruel and unusual punishment than a humane way to reduce a fever – but anyway, I did it, and it helped for about an hour.  The whole time she was screaming and looking at me in disbelief, obviously wondering how her mom could be so cruel to her at a time like this.  My heart was breaking…

My poor baby girl!

Well, she is in bed now, and I hear her waking up every so often, crying and moaning, and then falling back to sleep.  When her meds wear off,  I will check to see how high the fever is just to get an idea of the seriousness, but then we will do the cruel bath-thing, and then piggy-back Tylenol and Motrin.  She is sleeping in a diaper, but is surrounded by soft toys and blankets.  My heart is heavy, my mind is worried, but I know we will all be OK.  This is just an example of how we keep perspective.  Life can be crazy, and the kids can wear on you, but when they are sick and helpless, you remember just how much you love them.  You look at their sad, pathetic little faces and feel so helpless.  You would do anything at this time to take away their pain and misery.  What I wouldn’t give for her to dump soap into the toilet or to pull all the tampons out of the box again.  I would jump for joy to see her empty the package of wipes out on the floor right now.  Alas, these things must wait.  She just needs me to hold her, watch her, and pray for her.  And I will do this all night.


**Quick update:  Ashley is still sick, but now Jason is too.  His fever is currently only 99 degrees, though.  My poor babies…**


**UPDATE:  Everyone is happy, healthy, and doing fine!  :) **


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One thought on “Those Nights With Fevers

  1. Katie

    Awwww poor little Ashley. I hope that she feels better soon. It’s scary when kids fevers that high. I would have freaked out, but like you said, you have three others that have done this to you. I am not sure though how giving her a bath to cool down her fever is cruel, she needed that and you are saving her. So don’t think of it as cruel, think of the fever as the cruel one. :) I am so sorry that all three are going to have to go through this. Hope they all feel better soon. Keep me updated. Good luck. And you really are a great Mom, those kids are lucky. One day they will tell you other wise and hate on you and Jason, but you are Mom and Dad and that just comes with it. But then they change and it’s “Mom, I need your help.” Kind of like we all do NOW. :) Just remember these moments and when they tell you how evil you are…tell them that evil doesn’t take care of anyone. :D

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